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Join other Friendly Manitobans as we bring our Spirited Energy to the Land of the Living Skies.  One of the most anticipated games of the year for Manitobans the world over.  Experience the Legendary Tour you'll be telling your grandkids about.  Watch the Prairies Explode as Gear Armoured Gladiators do battle in the shadow of the mighty Mosaic.  Party with Legends and live the Experience #PartyToba.  Bring the love of the Game and join The Friendly Manitoba Tour Labour Day Classic.

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Friendly Manitoba Tour Banjo Bowl #PartyToba

From the Bread Basket of Canada to the Heart of Canada.  Come be our Guest for the 2018 Banjo Bowl.  The Friendly Manitoba Tour will have you Partying all the way.  Be there as PigSkin Knights do Battle on the field of Glory.  Watch as they Collide on Investors Field for the Holy Grail of the Prairies, the coveted Banjo Bowl.  Lock into the Fabled GridIron Party #PartyToba with The Friendly Manitoba Tour Banjo Bowl.

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