Congratulations! The 2019 Labour Day Classic Tour is underway!! 

You are reading this because you are one of the fortunate fans to embark on the tour which may change your life. (Sure, why not) Get ready to bring your passion for the game! Lose your voice as you cheer on your favorite gridiron warriors!  Get ready to show everyone what a REAL fan is!  Raise the decibel levels another notch or two.  Time to join The Friendly Manitoba Tour on the 2019 Labour Day Classic (LDC) Tour. 

Of course we will need to address some things beforehand.  Some of it boring, and some of it to get you excited about what's coming. #FortheW #RiderPride (we know there's a couple Rider fans here too)  =)


Where are we leaving from? 

We are leaving from the Tim Horton 1495 Regent Ave @ 8:00am.  As always and everywhere, you are responsible for your vehicle.

Please Remember, the Bus departs @ 8:00am

How do I get on the bus?

One step at a time.  Every Tour Participant MUST Complete the Liability Form below.  Please present the signed form, along with your Photo ID, when boarding the bus.  There is no ticket needed to board the bus, only your signed liability form and proper identification.  Tickets for the game will be distributed on the bus.  Cold "Tasty Beverages" will be accessible for all tour guests to help themselves to, on the ride to Regina.


Are we stopping on the way?

We will be making multiple stops along our trek to the Regina.  There is also a restroom on-board the bus for your convenience.


Hotel? What Hotel?

We are staying at the Days Inn East Regina.  Nicely placed on the East side of the City, this place welcomes our Guests back once again.  Please remember, walking around with open cans or bottles are not permitted.  That's what the FMT cups are for!!

The Party Continues! 

Getting to Regina was just the beginning!  Drop your gear off and hop back on the Party Bus.  NEXT PARTY STOP Canadian Brewhouse!!  Give Rita's Challenge a shot and become the talk of the tour.  Whether you end op in a Rita induced meat coma, or enjoy one of the hundreds of food and drink options, our friends at the Brewhouse aim to please.

NEW to 2019 Tour

This year we are pleased to announce the NEW FMT Shuttle!  If you want to break off of the tour and need an assist in getting around, we've got you covered.  Additional cost as applicable.  Back in Winnipeg, the Van is available for Game Day rides.  From your door to IG Field, and back.

Thanks so very much for your patience as we have been setting a lot of this up behind the scenes in order for your tour to be the absolute best experience.  We are growing and learning and appreciate any views you have about the processes and how we can better your experiences with us.  Thank You for your future support.

We look forward to seeing you on August 31st @ 8:00am

Departing from Tim Hortons 1495 Regent Ave W

Remember to Bring Liability Waver & Identification

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Enjoy the Experience ONLY TheFMT can offer.  Wether you're enjoying one of our Organized Tours or creating a Custom Tour Package, trust us to make it an Experience to be remembered.

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